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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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preparing for a white weekend. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is wbal tv 11 news. >> good evening, everyone. a number of baltimore city residents are saying, "hillrich go again." public works officials are ordering -- are saying, "here we go again." the 42 inch water main broke, flooding argonne drive. 11 news reporter john sherman joins us live from the scene and has the latest. >> around 5:30 this evening, there was a serious concern that the mandatory boil water alert was mandatory, but conservation was urged instead, and it appears to be working.
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as they towed away the likely total the cars tonight, word came that the worst possibility had been averted. >> the water does not need to be boiled, but we are asking citizens to be conservative with their water usage. we are just asking people to be conservative. >> if you hours earlier, drastic conservation was requested, following this break in a 42- inch water main under argonne drive. >> don't brush your teeth, don't take a shower, don't do laundry, don't do the dishes. >> it remains in effect until 6:00 a.m. saturday, at the earliest. >> it will give us an opportunity to perform some different things with a shot off to have the plants resume operation. >> we were here when the first
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broke. >> i was getting in the car and i just saw the street pop open. >> it just jumped up in the air. >> it was flowing like a river to the >> thank god nobody got hurt. >> the volume of water caused a disruption in the chlorination project at a nearby water treatment plant, but that has been fixed. >> it really we emphasizes that we have to make this -- this is a national issue. aging pipes, underground -- we have to get help and support from the federal government. >> there are about 70 homes in the area tonight without gas service. it is unclear when the break itself will be entirely repaired. >> after the unexpected river of water, and now the question of
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insurance coverage. the homes in the area were on a hill, so most of the damage was related to cars. officials say your coverage depends on your policy? the >> if they have liability coverage, at any event like this will not be taking care of. if they have full coverage, also known as comprehensive coverage, an event like this would most likely be covered. >> insurance officials say if you still have problems after speaking to your insurance company, you can call them at the number on your screen. the water main break also forced several road closures that you may need to know about. argonne drive will be closed. all this information is on our website, and we have also included pictures.
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you will find it on the home page. a little too early to make it a white christmas, but you can make the most of the snow that we are expecting this weekend. crews are already treating the roads. they are using salt water. what can we expect? let's check in with tom tasselmyer who has the latest on the insta-weather plus alert. >> some important information is coming in this evening, all pointing to a major storm moving through our area on saturday. up here, it is a lot colder. as the moisture moves are way, the winter storm watch has been extended up into pennsylvania. we are under a winter storm watch that goes to the day on saturday. these are some impressive snowfall totals that the computer model is starting to predict. the potential here that we will
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have over a foot of snow on the ground saturday night into sunday morning. this is a major winter storm coming our way. we will track it in detail in a couple of minutes. >> our interactive raider is available if you would like to track the snow. in other news, baltimore city firefighters brought their budget battle to city hall today. it seems that they gained some ground, but the department says $3.5 million is not enough to operate safely. kerry cavanaugh is live. >> many firefighters been the budget cuts for the death of a baltimore man in a house fire last week, and the rotating fire house closures will continue under the modified budget plan. >> it may be a little cold outside, but i am hot as hell over the fact that this measure
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[unintelligible] >> firefighters swarmed city hall, the intend to make the mayor sweat over the decision to safety. the protests seem to work as fire fighters rallied. the mayor's office announced modifications to the cuts, returning 750,000 ellis to the department. the plan is to make up the rest of the funding gap with four rotating closures. >> we think we can manage that. it certainly is not optimal. >> and less reliable, according to firefighters. >> they might not be familiar with the apparatus or the zone that they respond to. >> the mayor's spokesman says rotating closures could be avoided if firefighters gave up
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some of their paid leave. >> therefore, it would be easier for the city to have the full staffing. >> as the budget battle continues to play out, the chief describes his dilemma, caught between his comrades and the mayor. >> it is quite uncomfortable. these are decisions i have to make to stay within budget. i would love to keep everything open, but i do not have the money to do that. >> we ask the spokesman with the $750,000 will come from. they tell us that at this point, it is unclear. >> it looks like baltimore city residents will have to wait for property-tax relief. late this happen in, the maryland slots commission rejected a bid for a slots parlor near the stadium. david collins has the latest. >> the commission believes it
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has been more than patient. >> the entertainment group did not deliver on its promises. canadian developer michael moldenhauer pledged four months -- for months. the commitment was made just hours before the it slots commission meeting. the baltimore city entertainment group asked for more time, pledging to get back to the commission with all the information it needs by january. the group expressed confidence that it was still open in june, 2010, but also admitted that the casino would have to be a temporary facility. the plan to move the original location of a casino to a much larger tracts of land next door.
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>> mr. chairman, with respect, i am equally as frustrated as you are. it every day that passes that we do not have this part of the process completed para >> de -- they admitted to having trouble finding investors in a recession. >the commission did not buy it. they said all applicants face the same challenges. members believe had officials been more forthcoming about the availability of a larger tract of land, a parcel was unavailable to them, it would have attracted more bids. >> the commission believes that a rebidding in 2010 under more favorable economic conditions and a better understanding of the available facilities sites, including the russell street location, could yield competitive proposals. >> the initial licensing fee
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will be refunded, and they invited the group to submit a new bid. >> the decision administration has issued a statement, saying we are very -- the dixon administration has issued a statement. public safety officials say six correctional officers have been fired for using excessive force on a detainee, stemming from a november 15 incident. officials say the detainee was released after posting bail the next day. a trial date has been set for the man accused in the hit-and- run death of a johns hopkins student. he is expected to go on trial on march 22. he pleaded not guilty to
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hitting students miriam frankl. federal officials are looking into possible gender discrimination. there may be fewer reported cases, but health officials say you do not have to let your guard down against the h1n1 flu just yet. >> [unintelligible] >> the culprit is 4 years old. what else he is accused of doing that seems well beyond his years. >> a storm in the gulf of mexico is headed this way, and it has -- and it has a lot of moisture. we will track the
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>> a federal investigation is on the way, concerning possible gender discrimination at six colleges here in maryland, including johns hopkins, loyola, umbc, washington college, and others. even though it is eight months away, there is still a lot to be done before baltimore county can open its newest elementary school. education reporter tim tooten explains that officials are still trying to figure out who gets to attend. >> work on the new west towson elementary school appears to be on schedule. school officials not only want to have an accurate headcount,
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but they will also decide which students will have their name on the role. rogers forge elementary is among the neighborhood schools where students may have to transfer to the new building by next fall. the district has promised it will not make a final decision until parents and the community have had their say. >> a lot of people think that something has been decided, but nothing has been decided yet. we want to hear from people about what they think needs to happen. >> the school system is giving everyone the chance to look at the scenarios of how it will be. >> that is what parents are counting on when a public meeting is held january 6. >> in this area, we have great schools. there is not a bad choice in the bunch. >> the community meeting is only the first step toward getting the school ready by late summer.
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>> we collect those, present a recommendation to the superintendent, who then presents a recommendation to the board of education. >> boundary lines, school officials say, will be in place long before the first day of classes. >> he tells us that the public meeting will be held wednesday, january 6. tonight, officials are warning of a third wave of the h1n1 virus, which could come in the new year. 10,000 have died, and the cdc estimates millions of people have been affected. the doctors' reports have seen fewer cases but are warning people not to let their guard down most states now have enough vaccine -- >> we have just begun flu season, so we have a wonderful window of opportunity to
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prevent or lessen what might be a third wave of the h1n1. >> most states have enough vaccine for everyone who wants it. officials say the problem is no convincing folks to get vaccinated. you can go to our website to get more information. president obama is now on a plane headed to the climate change summit in copenhagen. world leaders are trying to strike a deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions. as the president works on the environment, his health care reform plan appears to be in jeopardy. the most conservative democrat in the senate threatened to withhold support. democrats need all 60 votes in order to pass the reform. the juvenile investigation with a dash of adult content. police are calling a 4-year-old boy a home innovator. he wandered out in the middle of
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the night, broke into a home, and opened up all of the presence sprea. police eventually found him wandering around with an empty beer in his hand. >> he could have come in and found something that could have hurt him. >> he could've gotten into some real danger. >> they ended up fighting all of the presence in the house in. >> earlier this morning, the boy was taken to the hospital and treated for alcohol consumption. detectives are investigating the death of the bengals receiver chris henry. police say it happened during a domestic dispute with his fiancee. despite his problems of the field, including an arrest, the team's president says he was
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turning his life around. >> we liked him. he had worked through troubles in his life and seemingly reached the point where everything was going to blossom. >> his last game was in baltimore last month. he was placed on injured reserve after breaking his arm. on sunday, the ravens face the chicago bears, and many people are wondering what the anticipated snowfall means for the game prett. >> what you do is kind of the dump the snow forward and forward, the dump from the upper deck to the lower deck, and then haul it out of there and put it in the chesapeake. >> the team says the main concern is safety. kickoff is at 1:00. gerry sandusky will call the game on wbal radio. >> now, your 11 insta-weather
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plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> the new information coming into the weather center certainly pointing to a major winter storm here on saturday. until this evening, the storm will get here a couple of hours earlier and dumped a couple more inches of snow on us. it is coming in quicker and it looks heavier, those are the two big update for this evening. 35 degrees at the inner harbor, so a colder than normal day setting the stage for this storm. the cold air is firmly entrenched statewide, and temperatures are not going to warm up a lot tomorrow. clouds are going to track this cold air near the ground. 25 degrees in downtown
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baltimore, cold and dry for the overnight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and cold. those temperatures might be stuck around the freezing point longer. low pressure coming out of the golf brings all of this moisture. the storm track becomes very critical. it has been raining like crazy along the gulf coast. it is about to push our way, which is why winter storm watches are and the facin effec. the watch has been extended up into pennsylvania. this is the snowfall streak. you get a feeling for the main target area of the storm, and it is well along that interstate 95 corridor. this appears to be the main part of the storm right now. notice how that has shifted.
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it has now shifted to our area. these snowfall totals can vary, and the shifting can continue in the next 24 hours, but this is how the latest data stacks up. that is a few hours earlier, pushing into baltimore instead of getting here after midnight. it really intensifies as we head into the morning on saturday. bunches of moisture and a lot of cold air, and that starts to get us where you start measuring this snowfall by the foot. it is possible that we will be measuring the snow by the foot come sunday morning. if the storm track changes, and that is what we will be doing all day tomorrow as this storm gets closer predict no weather problems tomorrow. a high of 31 degrees.
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snow showers as the storm departs on sunday. windy and cold by monday. >> the ravens do not play until sunday, but playoff possibilities are on display tonight. that is next in sports.
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>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> it will all take care of itself. this is going to play out. >> very true, mr. lewis, by the ravens could get a boost tonight, for sure. the jaguars owned the same record as the ravens. indianapolis wins would certainly help the ravens. morgan state alumni, breaking it off for indianapolis. no one is going to get near him. it 93 yards he goes for the touchdown. second quarter, jones drew.
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17-14. in the fourth quarter, peyton manning. how can anybody feel surprised? a 65-yard touchdown. the colts improved, 14-0. the ravens say they hold the key to their own playoff destiny. take care of what you can this week, mo vaughn, and you are in it. -- move on, and youa re in. whenever the 13-year veteran hangs it out, he will likely not get the recognition that he deserves. >> they have tremendous respect for him.
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most players, that is what is important. you don't control the public opinion. public opinion, as we all know, is not always right. >> all nfl news today tainted by the tragedy of the cincinnati bengals. chris henry has died. his career in the nfl approved tumultuous at best, suspended and even released for numerous transgressions predi. but in 2008, he made good. his teammates were saddened and stunned. >> is definitely caught everybody by surprise. i was shocked. many of us were close to him. i got a chance to be alongside of him for two or three years of
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their in cincinnati. it is definitely shocking. a young man seemed to be just part in his life. for that to happen is definitely a tragic story. >> my grandma always said you never really questioned the man upstairs on the decisions he makes because he never makes a mistake. i don't see how chris [unintelligible] especially when you are on the right path. >> the first place bangles play at san diego on sunday.
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thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us, have a good night.
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